‘INSTANT’ Digital photograph pressed on decota 162x387cm  (40 x (30x45cm))  2015 the conceptual description of the art work The admiration I feel for the tempting qualities of night atmosphere forms the foundations of my works of compositional taste emerging as result of my tentative shootings. It is the starting point of my expressions formed with … Devamı / Read More

speed series

  the conceptual description of works; We live in a ‘Speedy’ World, where everything is manufactured and consumed rapidly. In this case it doesn’t seem possible to comprehens the external World in its own time and place, without identifying but with its own dynamism. These works on the concept of ‘Speed’, which are a result … Devamı / Read More

broken series

the conceptual description of works; “I have never thought that, my life would divide into so many crystal pieces, broken up and shattered. To get rid of the past and testify my future. Till then, at that day…” * The time is at this moment. The past and future are the whole of this moment. The … Devamı / Read More

rhythm series

the conceptual description of works The elements that make up the urban texture, the new life dynamics and RHYTHMS that make up the city are a whole. My paintings, composed of elements like form, light, nature and colour are shaped by the physical structure of the city and by the combination of the above elements, … Devamı / Read More

the story of incident

the conceptual description of works;    “To remember the traces that the domination permanently engraved on bodies and how it affected them, does not mean to present them on the basis of that particularly insidious form of domination that assigns a share of responsibility in the domination over them.” * The body’s exposure to all … Devamı / Read More

be at home before it’s dark!

Technic: Scrolling Led Display Board (Size:36x65x7cm) 2017 the conceptual description of works; “The reality we live in is a product of our linguistic structure. Language does not reproduce reality, but replaces the symbolic reality. “* Just like this expression of: “Be home before it gets dark!” that dominates over ‘I’. However, as the mentality that … Devamı / Read More