‘INSTANT’ Digital photograph pressed on decota 162x387cm  (40 x (30x45cm))  2015

instant' 40x(30x45cm) 2015

the conceptual description of the art work

The admiration I feel for the tempting qualities of night atmosphere forms the foundations of my works of compositional taste emerging as result of my tentative shootings.

It is the starting point of my expressions formed with the sense of rhythm in its entirety and in its own of each frame which we immediately put out of our minds as the “instant” I catch using certain exposures.

While dynamic energy creates a chaotic movement in the urban context, my expressions it contains are identical to what it makes one uniquely feel. Comprising much different feelings such as speed, haste, pleasure, unrest, excitement, confusion, circumlocutions, worries, anger, fear etc. generating from attractive interactions of this energy by combining yesterday and today rhythmically were expressed actually as the reflection of our contradicting lives.