be at home before it gets dark!

hava kararmadan evde ol

Technic: Scrolling Led Display Board (Size:36x65x7cm) 2017

scrolling led display board

Technic: Scrolling Led Display Board (Size:36x65x7cm) 2017

performing video

broken crystal chandelier installation

broken crystal chandelier installation (100x160x10cm) 2018

the conceptual description of works;

“The reality we live in is a product of our linguistic structure. Language does not reproduce reality; it can only take the place of the symbolic reality.”

Exactly like this “Be at home before it gets dark!” expression that asserts masculine domination over “I”. Whereas the masculine domination as the mentality that rules over the hegemonic culture is “the secret complicity of all people who rely on their independence and power to rule.”

Thinking about masculine domination in its essence requires thinking about how dissenting viewpoints and ideologies are subdued.

All issues that contain hegemonic masculinity are the legitimized states of the patriarchal order, in which men are the rulers and women are the subjects.

Hegemonic Masculinity is a concept that operates within the gender order of a male form, that is idealized in social processes. The main value of the concept lies in its reference to the practices of persuasion and consent, which operate through the domination relations that men establish against women and each other. This is a concept that indicates how it extends to all societies through institutions such as Government, Religion, and Media. This problem is a severe issue even today, regardless of different situations, stances, causes, or issues.

This matter is a psychosomatic problem that determines the relationships between bodily and spiritual experiences, culture and personality.

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