broken series

the conceptual description of works;

“I have never thought that, my life would divide into so many crystal pieces, broken up and shattered. To get rid of the past and testify my future.
Till then, at that day…” *
The time is at this moment. The past and future are the whole of this moment. The Breaking  is; the beggining of a story that is never return back and remove the past. This actually the story of all of us.

The ego of each person carries on the deep traces of their past family damages. In fact, the historical energy of the past loads every person’s ego as a burden. By the time we addict of the deep traces and also effort of getting rid of that meaningless burden. However the past is over, so we had lived it and it’s ended. If so; the Breakings are reincarnation. It’s time to exist the loaded energy of our souls. We need to leave also the memorial images and the objects which were addicted, so that we have to set free with their own energy. Each breaking from the past is a BREAK, with their own energy have to create new bwgginings and stories.

In this story; each part of detached crystal piece, however smashed as solid but fragile, with their own transparent and reflective way, symbolize the breaking from the past and towards to the future. Just as; our souls don’t want to be tighten in a crystal, so makes effort of getting rid of chains and past.

* broken moment, (07-12- 2016), Açık Stüdyo, İZMİR